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Classes at BJJ Hope

 Depend on Ages, not abilities... 

JiuJitsu is one of the worlds Most Popular growing sports, and SMOKEY MOUNTAINS JiuJitsu brings this non striking martial art to you and your family. Its not easy, but nothing in life is.  Memberships are monthly by subscription with discounts for families. 25% off the third member, 50% off the 4th. 

Future Champions

Ages 8 - 14

are here to learn about using all their body to its full applicable potential. We have fun, we learn techniques, we have more fun and then we finish every class with some sparring and high fives..


Adult JiuJitsu

The non striking martial art has become one of the most popular sports in the world. THIS ALL AGES non Gender Specific Murder Yoga program can be a great time, where you learn to defend yourself and get a very good workout 3 to 4 days a week through consistent repetition and self realization.  

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