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Come Play with Us 

Formerly Known as Pacific Top Team Hope, re have been around chocking Hope citizens since 2019. 5 years of fun      Located at HMI Skatepark, in Building 2,
AT 840 5th Ave Hope BC


Smokey Mountains BJJ

The Affiliate was founded by Christian, Paauwe in early 2019 out of the Hope Recreation Centre, running programs for three levels of participants from kids to seniors. 


Christian, now a Black Belt under Harley Chappell of PTT Chilliwack and World Masters Champion Dave Rothwell of PTT Vernon, began his journey and his first two promotions in Sendai Japan, under Takeshi Iwabushi, a JBJJF ( Japan Brazilian JiuJitsu Federation founded with participation of Rickson Gracie) Black Belt and founder of Soujiukai Sendai HQ. 


Christian is a competitor, winning the JBJJF All Japan Championship as a white belt, has been competing since he began, but not before he took his fair share of loses, and tapped thousands of times. As a middle aged family man, with health complications, He understands we all come from different places with different goals, and paths to achieve greatness. 

Hope BC is Christians home and where he wants to make confident , strong, really good people that contribute to the community for the benefit of future generations. 

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